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Don didn't like this situation. Nothing seemed right about it, he was selected out of many Eisenberg citizens to participate in some sort of twisted game. His partner was a little girl who's vision was blind. Don hated the idea of hurting anyone let alone murdering anyone but he knew if he wanted to see tomorrow he needed to work hard and try to outlast the rest of the competition. Don was rather sicked to see his friends also participating Selene was a sister to him. He couldn't bare the thought of letting such a good friend die, let alone killing her. He avoided all contact with other tributes during his training he needed to push himself harder then he knew how. The things Claudette put him through needed to be applied. He wondered how she felt about him going through this, would she approve? Don talked her out of hurting people and pokemon before and now he had to do the opposite of what he said. He worried how Wren and the rest of Eisenberg were doing, his guests would want him to
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WARNING: MOST OF MY ART IS NOT GROOD, so if ur looking for grood art stay clear how bout u try someone else, but if u wanna help me improve or just wanna grood laugh then i guess it cool if u wanna look. don't be to harsh plz. -_-'

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Pictures i dig, it updates alot but don't b surprised if a picture or 2 was UR fav area xD


Franklin Laugh Test
A small five frame animation I did. I'm playing around with this software.

Scripts: 10 points for the main sketch. 5 points times 4 for the other frames. Totaling to 30 points.
Franklin App
Name: Franklin Thatch or Frank Everymn (Fake name)

Age: 42

Height: 1.94 M

Nature: Hardy (Neutral Nature)

Ability: Unaware (Ignores Stat changes)

Hot Springs

Thunder and Lightning
Plants and Veggies


-Ice Punch
-Mud Bomb
-Aqua Tail

T.O.R.: Rivulet Cove on Hell Crest Peak

Class: Shop keeper


Franklin isn't the most friendly, he tries to be cold and distant to hide from his past and focus on his current life's work, Protecting the magic spring of Hell Crest Peak and running the Grand Cuordilava Inn which is built on said spring. He has a short temper and isn't afraid of ruining the stay of his customers to get them to leave. He does try his hardest to keep customers happy to a point. Though it isn't rare to see him stomping around the Inn barking orders at the people who work for him. The man is quite fair and will hold up his promises even if it annoys him to no end. His workers know that despite his cold and harsh nature, he is still looking out for them and protecting them the best he can.


Franklin was born on a farm where he worked his youth growing strong and having a good connection with nature around him often playing in the woods after his daily chores. His strong fear of Thunder and Lightning made him avoid rainy days until one day, while playing in the forest. A sudden thunderstorm caught him off guard, he saw a lone wooper playing out in the open. Afraid for the pokemon Franklin ran to save it, when a bolt of lightning struck the pokemon. The pokemon didn't react at all to the lightning. Franklin amazed by the Pokemon formed a bond with it and the two soon left the farm to explore the world. Franklin and Wooper assisted fishermen before becoming full fledged sailors and a fully evolved Quagsire. While on a voyage, Franklin's ship was captured by pirates and after showing his and his pokemon's strength he was drafted onto the crew. Franklin's strength, wits, and commanding presence eventually led him to being captain of his own crew. The Wooper Pirates terrorized the sea for eight long years until a navy officer fired a bullet seed nearly killing Franklin. Franklin seeking one last miracle faked his death and took a small group of pirates to
Rivulet Cove to climb Hell Crest Peak. His group slowly shrank with members leaving left n right. In the end Franklin and two crew members found the magic spring. The fabled hot spring saved Franklin's life and he vowed to spend the rest of his life protecting the spring. Franklin changed his name to Frank Everymn and began dispelling the notion of any sort of magic spring and began building his Inn. Now Franklin sits upon his greatest treasure hiding it in plain sight.


While Franklin was on board the pirate ship that recruited him, he was attacked by a rival pirate ship. In the heat of their battle the captain of the rival crew called forth rainy weather and caused thunder to strike Franklin directly. His Quagsire quickly rushed to his friend's side and fused with him. Franklin awoke bald and without his most dear friend. In a storm of anger he lead a head on attack onto the rival ship, rushing to the captain and ending his life. His actions that day inspired many to follow his command this would lead to his crew being formed shortly after.

Extra Notes:

-Franklin gets a real kick out of yawning to make noisy guests pass out early.
-Franklin knows Electricity has no effect on him. He just doesn't like to be reminded about how he lost his friend.
-Franklin's Quagsire wasn't too happy about being a pirate or how being a pirate made Franklin.
-The Wooper Pirates are still out there, they like many others believe the captain is dead. Very few members even knew the original captain.
-Franklin has the Jolly Roger in his possession and will put it up to frighten people, or to show that he will not give mercy to certain individuals.
-Franklin loves eating meats, and his chief has a hard time sneaking veggies into his diet.
-Franklin adores children and will read them stories when requested. (He loves reading the story of the Poliwhirl and the Cobalion)

Scripts: 0
Inventory: 0

  • Listening to: American Pickers is playing in the background
  • Reading: Skype IMs
  • Watching: Runaway guys
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
  • Drinking: Water
Yeah, sorry I don't go here often. I've drawn quite a bit since I've been gone. If you folks wanna see some more of the crappy doodles I've been making I might post some more later, or I might just pick 4 in a year or something like that.

How have you folks been anyways?

Remember to check out the tamblr 

Sorry for the small update, hope ya like the few new doodles.


Anthony Quintero-Castaņeda
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: Rowland Hts
Favourite genre of music: you no what anything that really isn't rap or hip hop or any of its sub genres
Favourite style of art: 1920-30s cartoons
MP3 player of choice: my 30 gb zen (rip) 120gb zune (rip) iphone
Shell of choice: Red Koopa Paratroopa shell
Wallpaper of choice: something that has to do with video games, a random pick i like, or just leave it black easy on eyes
Favourite cartoon character: Charlie Brown
Personal Quote: it'll work itself out in the end and if it hasen't worked itself out its not the end.


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